I have discovered that the secret to navigating yourself through any type of emotional pitfall is to simply observe the feelings then move through them. We can often berate ourselves for feeling a certain way. We can get angry or feel hopeless. So, how exactly would you go about navigating all this? Sounds so easy doesn’t it, to just observe and move through.

How to ride your negativity straight to happy town.

Yet when we find ourselves from time to time just having a bad day, these “easy” tools appear to be really difficult to apply.

Let me explain: Life is not a constant stream of happiness and joy.
I know, I know…but Amy, what about all those enthusiastic quotes you post or articles you write?

Look, the way we experience life comes down to one basic word: CHOICE. You can choose happy (all day, everyday) or you can choose sad. You can choose peace or you can choose anger. You choose what you get to see and you choose how you get to see it. You choose how you feel and you choose what you think about. But being human and thus having a humanly ego – it often weasels it’s way into our mind convincing us to choose fear or anger rather than truth and peace.

There will be times when you choose and really wish you could choose differently.

Times where you fell into the ego’s trap and realize just how uncomfortable you feel. Times where you lean towards the negative when you just simply know better. I’m not going to BS you, you ARE going to have times like these. That’s part of life. The good news is, you can always choose again.

At any moment you can create a shift in your mind.
Any second you can make the decision to experience something differently.
All it takes is the willingness to acknowledge that what you chose the first time did not serve you and now you would like to choose again.

At any moment you can create a shift...

So back to navigating these emotional downward spirals – those moments where you perhaps just want to sit and cry. You maybe feel like you lost or you want to give up. We all have these moments. Not a single person in this world hasn’t felt that at one time or another.

You can Google the sh*t out of finding meditations or mantras to wield you through a moment like this – but I’ll tell you firsthand from years of experience – meditations and mantras add, enhance and strongly influence your life for the better when used on a consistent daily basis. They are also tools to be added into a much larger toolbox full of parts and pieces that need to all work together to benefit you.

We all want a quick fix. Quick fixes never last though. So instead of feeling like all hope is lost when your emotions get the best of you – try pausing wherever you are and observing your thoughts as they pass through your mind.

There is power in observation.

There is power in observation!

You can easily discover the negative from the positive. Take out a pen and some paper and write down what goes through your mind as you observe. You will identify the rational from the irrational. All irrational stems from our ego. It gets super crafty when you’re at your happiest! So to reclaim your power over the ego’s tricks and ride that train straight back to happy town, you need to observe and identify.

When you identify what your two minds are doing (spirit + ego). When you see it clearly on paper in front of you. You can begin to move back into a peaceful place.

But wait…

The ego isn’t going to just let you walk away without a fight.
Oh…I’m sorry, you thought the fight was over?


In order to reclaim your peace and power completely over this shifty emotional game – you need to lean into joy. Don’t just sit and cry. Don’t give up on your day because you had yourself a good cry-fest. DO SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. Take a dance break. Blast your music. Hop in the car and sing your heart out. Help someone else. You know, some of the best “therapy” I’ve ever experienced has been to be able to coach or mentor someone while I’m going through my own storm. It’s not about distraction. It’s about redirection. I redirect my energy towards giving and sharing my wisdom for their needs and BOOM like magic, I’ve worked that negative energy right out of me. Oh and BONUSI’ve given myself some good advice all while providing for their needs.

Let’s sum this up shall we…
What are your steps to riding your negativity straight to happy town?

  1. Pause and Observe your thoughts as they come. Allow them to come. Don’t resist. What you resist, persists!
  2. Identify the rational from the irrational. Write the thoughts down. Call the ego on it’s bullsh*t!
  3. Lean into your joy. Do something that makes you smile. Find your happiness, even if just for a moment to shift that negative energy out of you for good. Take a dance break. Sing your heart out. Help someone else.

Do you have your own steps to riding back to happy town? Share them with me and our readers below.


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Lots of Love,