It’s a common occurrence for us to get stuck in a mindset of “hope” and “expectancy” that when what we’ve been hoping for actually begins to unfold in front of our eyes, we get scared. You get nervous because it’s ACTUALLY happening! This is what you’ve been waiting for. This is what you’ve been working for. This is what you’ve been hoping and praying for. Of course fear is going to try to creep in because here you’ve overcome the obstacles and patiently waited and now it’s your time and fear will try to block you from moving forward – do not underestimate the shifty moves fear will try to make.

I could go ahead and blandly state, “Don’t let it!” but that isn’t going to help anyone. How do we push past the fear that seeps in when our dreams start to unfold before our eyes? 

  • Recognize it

When you call out fear and put it on blast, you stop it dead in it’s tracks. Because fear is simply a mindset that we have self-created. Fear, is as every single quote meme says nowadays, “False Evidence Appearing Real.” It’s not REAL at all because it’s an illusion. Fear is a projection of our past memories. We project them forward because we feel we need to protect ourselves. This is the ego’s form of defense. Our human side feels like it’s always on the defense. It feels as if there’s always going to be an attack. I lived in this mindset for many, many years and I have been able to overcome it completely by understanding that I can only experience what I choose to perceive. So if I CHOOSE peace, love and happiness, my experiences will be just that. Choose the other side, you will most definitely experience that.

When you call out fear and put it on blast...

Oh, believe me – I’ve experimented with both sides and choosing fear, worry and anxiety is no way to live. You live in constant expectation of something going wrong. A lot of us have grown up not realizing that this type of mentality has seeped into our subconscious. It’s not like our parents destroyed us or we missed something in school. Though they don’t necessarily teach practical spirituality, understanding and getting to know YOU, in school – you can be the most educated or the least and still suffer from self-created problems like these. No one is better than or less than the next guy. 

So after I recognize the fearful thoughts, then what do I do?

  • State the truth!

The truth is always love. Don’t confuse my use of the word “love” with being romantically in love. Love is spirit. God is love. The Universe is love. Source is love. This is all energy that resides in us and around us. We are pulsating balls of energy. The frequency you choose to vibe at is up to you though. What happens is if you choose love, you vibrate higher and you attract the same energies to you. When you choose fear, worry, doubt, anxiety, you vibrate lower – thus attracting those energies to you as well. I’ve said it before – this is basic science.

Vibrate Higher


I’ve scared a lot people over the years trying to explain concepts like this. Family members, friends, even boyfriends at the time – because when you say “spirituality” it’s immediately linked to “religion” and people are put off. But here’s the thing – spirituality is getting to you the real you. This is not voodoo or myth or magic – this is freakn’ quantum physics. Science class people – we are giant magnets and if you can understand that simple concept then you won’t be held back by fear any longer.

~~  ~~  ~~

So if you’re feeling scared because it’s ALL UNFOLDING right now in front of your eyes and you’re just anxiously waiting for something to go wrong…STOP!!!!! I want you to stop right now and breathe. Be in the present, take in your breath and recognize the fearful thoughts you are projecting forward. That’s all they are. Author Pam Grout always says, “You can’t watch ABC while you’re tuned into NBC.” Change the channel my friend. Change it to love. Mute Fear. Better yet, block that freakn’ channel, it’s totally inappropriate and unnecessary. We are not meant to live in fear. We are meant to have and experience all that we hope and dream and if it’s unfolding before your eyes, every ounce of you is deserving and worthy of it. 

Be well my loves and know that if you need my wisdom and guidance, I’m an email away!

Namaste, xo Amy

~~  ~~  ~~

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Amy L. Fiedler is a certified holistic life coach and reiki master. Specializing in inner peace, self-love and conquering fear, Amy guides clients through one-on-one transformational sessions helping you realign your path with your purpose and access your highest potential. Amy uses a holistic approach that integrates mindfulness and a healthy lifestyle with teaching practical spirituality resulting in a radical shift towards love, forgiveness, renewing your self-worth, accessing your inner peace and breaking through to happiness. Schedule a 30-minute Discovery Session right now to clarify your intentions, understand and clear the blocks that have been draining your happiness and holding you back from your true passion and purpose in life and relationships. Email: