During my morning walk this AM I started taking notice of the leaves changing color on the trees. I began to observe the ones falling off the branches right along my path. I paid attention to all the different colors and patterns of each different leaf and how even though this is totally normal for this time of year, it’s commonly overlooked. I looked at the field and noticed the cows laying contently in the tall grass without a care in the world. How calm and still they are and how at peace they appear to be just sitting and being. Then it hit me – I was reminded at how mindless we can be at times.

(PHOTO CREDIT: Winky Boo L.L.C.)

(PHOTO CREDIT: Winky Boo L.L.C.)

When we aren’t mindful of our minute to minute, hour to hour movements, encounters and experiences we miss things like this. We often let stupid sh*t steal our joy, when really if we just stopped for a second we’d realize that joy is found is the small things. I needed this moment of clarity and I believe this will resonate with a lot of you as well. The last week I’ve been allowing dumb things to get to me. It’s funny because I coach my clients all the time on this but the teacher is also always the student as well, and more times than not it’s difficult to admit that you aren’t always taking your own adviceas much as you know you should! 

Joy is found in the small things

It’s amazing that something so simple as staring at a colorful leaf on the road can snap you back into your normal mindset. I always tell my clients it’s the small things that lead to big things. It’s the small things that bring you joy and if you can’t appreciate them then nothing “big” will ever matter. Take this as a reminder today that if your brain has been a little chaotic, in a fog, unstable or even confused – take it back to the basics. Simplify! Pay attention to the small things happening for you. Pay attention to the kind words people speak instead of the mean ones. Be mindful of the simple pleasures like hot coffee on a cool breezy morning, a colorful bird perched on your window or a short chat with someone you love. It’s not the big things that brew happiness. You need to fill your pot with the small things and find the bliss in them first. 

Joy is found

What small thing brings you pure bliss? Share them with me below, xo Amy


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