When you watch your ego at work or look back on your ego at work, it’ll really blow your mind just how truly insane it is. The ego uses some crazy tactics to catch our attention and lure us into it’s lies. I know as you’re reading this you might be thinking, “But isn’t it our choice whether we listen to our ego or not?”
Yes, it is.

Life doesn't have to suck


But because we’ve been living in it’s mindset for so long, sometimes the truth that comes from our heart center sounds crazier than the actual ego does.

Let me explain: Living in this world that we live in, it’s very difficult to perceive everything that happens in a peaceful way. How could we right? There’s violence, war, attack, hatred, gossip and the list goes on. You name it, it’s here and we’ve been immersed in it since birth. The more you are around something, the more you hear something, the more you feel something or see something – the more you’re going to believe it. When you come to awaken and understand spiritual truth – which is our actual reality, our true selves – you will realize that the reason we have all this worldly violence happening is because far too many are acting and responding from the ego.

The ego has done an incredible job at creating separation not just in your personal life but also in the world.

So when the day came or perhaps it’s coming for you soon that you woke up and thought to yourself, “There’s got to be a better way,” “There’s got to be more to all of this than what I see,” that is the day your spirit awoke inside of you and you realized the truth. The truth is we came here innocent and pure. We came here loving and harmless. Then we soaked up decades of anger and separation and thought, “Well…this is life.”

You know that wonderful mantra that you overheard along the way, “Life sucks, then you die.” That’s a good one right? The sad part is, far too many people believe that life is meant to suck. Life isn’t meant to suck darling – not at all. It’s your choice what you believe, but I’m telling you, there’s a better way!

You are your problem. You are your solution.

I’m telling you to step aside and separate yourself from the idea that good and evil exists. I know, this isn’t easy. We’ve all seen some sort of ‘evil’ in our lifetime. We’ve either faced it head-on, heard about it or experienced it firsthand but just for this one moment, put that idea off the table and envision everyone in this world as equal. You, me, them, him, her – we’re all the same at our core. Those ‘evil’ folks – yeah, them too – they’re the same at their core.

If you can understand this AND grasp it then you’re one step closer to shutting up the ego.

The reason people do “bad” things is because they feel attacked. They feel separate, divided or even below another person/group. If you perceive something as attacking you, the ego teaches to attack back. An eye for an eye they say. But the spirit teaches, forgive them and you shall be forgiven as well. Turn the other cheek. 

So what am I getting at with all this mumbo jumbo? Now that you have a basic understanding…let’s take it back down to a personal level for the sake of this article.
Think about the last argument you had with someone.
What was it about?
Who was right?
How did you feel?
Think back about what was said. Do you remember the words that were used?

If you do, write them down and reread them. Do you feel the anger? Do you feel the confusion? Do you see the irrationality?

I’ll tell you what. If you didn’t just argue with someone – it’s guaranteed that you will eventually. So keep this in mind when you do. INSTEAD of responding or reacting in the midst of chaos, PAUSE.

Here’s why: The ego is quick to react. It jumps at the sound of an argument. It feeds on the existence of tension. It literally sits and waits like it’s stalking it’s freakn’ prey to pounce on the next opportunity to separate you further from the truth. To separate you from that person you are arguing with. To separate you from love. To separate you from anything peaceful and calm.

Well….we need water to survive right?
The ego needs chaos. It can’t live in calm. It can’t survive where there’s peace. It doesn’t exist when all you see is love or a call for love. Because truthfully, if you can see that an argument was created due to the fact that one party or the other (or even both) were calling for love, you’ll understand why there was a misunderstanding.

A call for love is a need for more love in that person’s life due to a void they’ve created themselves.

call for love

Everything we see, feel, experience we’ve created ourselves. So you see, if you’re still with me here – every argument is therefore an argument with oneself.
Now you understand why the ego looks crazy – because it’s making you think it’s the other person’s fault. It’s making you believe the other person MADE YOU UPSET or attacked you or didn’t satisfy you or meet your expectations. But you need to realize that it is NEVER about the other person in any situation. It’s always about you.

So….does life suck?
Do you want it to?

It’s only going to feel that way when you continue placing blame on every external relationship, situation or scenario. It’s only going to feel like one giant attack on you when you never take responsibility for the fact that it’s all beginning INSIDE of you. Rather than spending another day pointing the finger out there and trying to solve an unsolvable puzzle on how to fix it – you need to look within. The problem is within. It’s not even a problem – it’s a gap that needs to be filled with more love. No other person can fill it for you. You need to fill it yourself. But first darling…you need to find it. So call off the search party, sit down in a quiet room and breathe. 

You are your problem. You are your solution. You are meant to thrive, not just survive. You are meant to be happy and at peace – never at war. 


I hope this article served you. If it did, please leave a comment and share with your friends!

Lots of Love,