Our happiness doesn’t come from external forces, however when you are happy in your own life, you lift the vibrations of the entire world. Your happiness works in correlation with everyone all over the world because we are all holistically connected as one. Does that mean when someone else is sad, you are then sad? No – unless you choose to be sad. What it mean is that when you work to make yourself happy, your vibrations elevate and send off good vibes to those around you and all over the world.

It works the same way with other emotions as well. So by choosing happiness in your own life, you’re helping to choose it for your loved ones, friends and the entire world. The more you offer happiness to the people around you, the more you not only receive it back – but you also help others heal from their own fears. If we can all choose happy every single day, we can elevate those around us and the whole planet as one. #MindfulMonday



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