When you release what is no longer serving you, you access your freedom to become and manifest anything you desire. When we hold on to past hurts, let-downs, resentments and anger – we continue to carry it forward with us into our present relationships and situations. We begin projecting it onto people and circumstances that have nothing to do with it at all. Here’s the thing: What’s done, is done. It served it’s purpose and it happened for a reason – a very important reason.

Nothing happens by accident. If it “hurt” you, let it go. The only thing that is real and true is what’s happening right here and right now in the present moment. If you see that your past is repeating itself – it’s only your projection of the past and your perception of the present. I know – that’s a tongue twister, read it again and I promise it’ll make sense to you. What’s behind you is no more – all that exists is what is contained in your subconscious about it. When we live through the ego, we live in fear, projecting those “hurtful” memories forward. But we’re only creating illusions of what was. So release those and be present, accepting what is. #MindfulMonday