We aren’t promised tomorrow and waking up today is a gift. Don’t you dare waste another second of your life being something or someone you are not. Your soul speaks to you and you hear it loud and clear – you just sometimes clutter it with outside banter of the opinions of others.

Block out that banter and focus on you.

What makes you happy? What brings you joy?

Simple enough questions right? If you hesitate when you answer then you aren’t answering with your truth. Your truth is a knowing feeling. It’s the first thing you were going to shout out of your mouth. What was it?

Whatever it was…do it!

Need I remind you….you ARE NOT promised tomorrow. Go do it! Show up everyday with the intention of being your fearless self. Don’t worry what “they” think or what “he” or “she” thinks – worry about how it makes YOU feel. Does it make you happy? Do it. Does it bring you joy? Do it. We are wasting our days trying to please the masses instead of ourselves. Pleasing the masses does nothing – the masses are never pleased.

All your relationships and all your interactions revolve around how you feel about you. Everything is a reflection. So my dear, if you want to live your best life. If you want a blissful life of unwavering joy – show up and show out being the fearless spirit that were made to be! #MindfulMonday

Show up everyday with the intention of being your fearless self!

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