Far too many of us have either at one point in our lives pointed the finger of blame at another for what we’re going through OR are still currently doing so. Playing the blame game for mishaps and misfortunes is quite easy. Way too easy actually! It’s “her” fault I didn’t get asked out to the school dance. It’s “their” fault I didn’t get a raise. It’s “his” fault we’re getting a divorce.

Should I continue? 

We could so easily point the finger and blame...


How’s that saying go? When you point your finger at others, remember there are three more staring back at you. I’m paraphrasing here, but something like that!

Let’s be honest – not many of us were raised to take a good, hard look at ourselves when something didn’t go the way we wanted growing up. Carry that over to adulthood and you might have grown into a mentality of thinking the world is out to get you. Someone is always jealous of you. Someone is always way more better looking, richer, more successful – you name it, the list goes on and on. 

MOST of us (and I say that loosely) believed at some point in their lives that they were separate from others. That the world consisted of “THEM” and “US”. Turn on the news on TV and you will hear it quite often. Watch a trashy reality show and amidst the drama and the caddy fighting you will constantly here “I’m better than…” or “I make more money than…” or “I’m way more successful than…” Separating one from the other into neatly packed boxes with labels on top.

Don’t we realize that we all came from the same divine place? It doesn’t matter your color, ethnicity, religion, upbringing, etc. – we ALL hail from the same place. Now without getting deep into THAT conversation – I just want to leave you with this today.

There is no THEM and US.
No one is out to get YOU.
Every single thing that happens in your life is a mere reflection of your internal condition.

So while we prefer to sit and point fingers. While we feel liberated saying, “It’s not ME!” The truth of the matter is….IT IS ALL YOU! Everything you experience was co-created by YOU. Your thoughts, your words, your internal feelings towards yourself all expand outward. So when you look within yourself FIRST for the answers to “WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?” – you will 100% always find out why and be able to work to shift it. Does that mean we can make everything unfold the exact way we want? No – because what unfolds is always in our best interest. So we can set the intentions and if we just focus on ourselves internally, while trusting the Universe to take care of the rest – we will find the lessons in the blessings and remove the judgment that continues to create separation in our lives and in this world.

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