It’s true whether you want to believe it or not, that everything is energy. Thoughts, words and actions are all bundles of energy being sent out into the Universe. Too often we’re trying so hard to see the big picture that we miss what is actually creating it. Our thoughts every single second of the day are creating everything we are experiencing. Our words and our actions are doing just the same.

Don’t ever underestimate the power behind one small thought. It isn’t small at all. Don’t underestimate the power behind an act of kindness. Don’t ever underestimate the power behind a loving word spoken. You have the power to create and change anything in your life. The moment you accept this is the moment that radical shift occurs. Accept your power and claim it. It’s going to be there regardless of whether you WANT it to not. It’s going to be there when you think something negative or something positive. You are a powerful being. Realize this! 

Make the choice to create what you want to exist in your life. If you want love, you need to give love. If you want kindness, you need to give kindness. If you don’t want judgement, you need not judge. If you don’t want negativity, you need to only give, think and share positivity. Be mindful of these moments, these moments ARE your life. #MindfulMonday



The Amy L. Fiedler Way

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