Having too much pride is poison to your soul. Pride does nothing for you other then destroy any opportunity you have offered to you. Unfortunately a lot of people these days feel as if having pride is a good thing. They think it represents confidence and success. This is false thinking. Pride does the opposite. It shows you are insecure with your knowledge and talents. It proves you hold resentment and stubbornness towards not only yourself but other people as well.

Humility is what attracts success into your life. Humility stems from being grateful for your opportunities that were gifted to you on your path. Humility is the only remedy for that bottle of poison you’ve been drinking labeled “pride”. Instead of boasting about the things you’ve done in life, allow your talents and accomplishments to speak for themselves. Allow your actions to speak louder than your words. This is how you advance along your journey. The humblest of people are the most successful – and you never hear about half of what they’ve achieved – they do good and persevere for the sake of doing good without needing the acknowledgement and reassurance that those with pride seek after. Today’s Daily Affirmation:

stay humble

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