That inner voice that so many often ignore and overlook – that’s the voice you NEED to be listening to. That’s the voice that will speak the truth whether you like to hear it or not. Today I want you to listen to what it tells you, no matter what it is. Remove the judgement and don’t perceive it’s direction as “good” or “bad”. Just listen and follow. Like a basic game of Simon Says – no one ever asked, “Why do we need to stand on one foot?” during that game, so why would you question any wisdom your spirit is giving you?

Amy Tips: If you need to think about it more than once, don’t do it! You’re over-thinking what your intuition is telling you and blocking the truth. Always go with your first thought and if you second guess or doubt yourself, just leave it alone. All it takes are small #RadicalShifts in your mind to make amazing breakthroughs in your life!