It’s easy to fall back into old habits. It’s comfortable at times when you search for something you are used to, familiar with – something you know. But it’s not always good to do this because as they say, if it’s in the past it should stay there right? Yes, absolutely right. Don’t punish people in your life now for what others in the past have done to you. It’s definitely easier said then done, but it must be done. God opens new doors for us whether we think we’re ready or not and then the Devil will work overtime to close those doors or make us doubt those new connections.

God wouldn’t open that door for you unless he felt you were ready for it. Unless you were prepared and well-equipped for what it had in store for you, he wouldn’t have given it to you. This could be in your career, spiritual path or in your friendships or relationships. When you think you’re ready, you may not truly be ready. But diving timing is everything and God could give it to you when you least expect it, just when you give up on it or forget about it (which it usually is) and you need to take it as it comes! Things I felt I was ready for 2 years ago, I now realize I had a lot more that I needed to go through, experience and prepare for. But if God brought it to you, it’s yours, take it! Don’t doubt the gift God blessed you with. Don’t question it. Take it and trust that you will be guided, advised, directed and given the wisdom to appreciate it the way you should! Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I am accepting my blessings

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