People don’t always understand what it means to just “vibe” with the flow of life. This is how I explain it to my clients:

Picture yourself in an ocean. You’re floating in the water or laying on raft or board. As the waves roll in you just sit and allow them to flow right over you. It’s peaceful. You don’t fight them. Have you ever watched someone trying to get out into the ocean as the waves are breaking on them? When they walk into them, they get knocked over, turned and usually tossed back further towards the beach. When you dive into them though and allow them to flow over you and around you, it’s much easier, isn’t it? Then you make it out and you float with the current. It’s difficult to fight against the current in the ocean just like it makes life difficult when we fight the current of life. When you ebb and flow along with the current, it’s a beautiful experience. There is no resistance, you just vibe.

Just as you allow the waves to roll over you, you need to allow the waves of life to roll over you. Do not judge them as “good” or “bad” just allow them in and out as they come. Experience them. Enjoy them. Grow with them. Learn from them. When you fight them and judge them we create unnecessary stress, worry and fear. We create things that don’t actually exist. Today just flow. Today just ride the wave of what comes and what goes. Today do not judge or label anything or anyone as “good” or “bad”. Today just allow. When you surrender that need to control, what’s supposed to happen, happens easier and faster than it would when you try to place it in a tight little box, strap it in and label it. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am allowing life's flow to happen without judgement.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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