I probably say this at the beginning of every month. I bet if you actually look back on any affirmation on the first of a month I have said this sentence: It’s a brand month and that means brand new energy. It’s so true though and you can feel it in the air. Endless possibility is flowing around waiting for you to tune into to it so it can flow to you. You are such a powerful being and we shortchange ourselves far too often of the power we hold. We often feel helpless or worthless in situations that we FEEL (rather, perceive) are beyond our control.

Don’t you realize that everything you experience is what you’ve created for yourself? It can be changed the second you perceive it differently. Abundance is everywhere because energy is everything. How you feel towards yourself is what draws in certain energies into your life. If you feel you are worthless, you will attract others who treat you the same. If you feel your are abundant and beautiful, you will attract others who feel you are the same. If you feel opportunity is everywhere and love is within everyone (which it is!), you will see and experience just that in your life.

I lived the other way for a very long time. Now I live in amazement everyday at how radical shifts in my mind have created such a beautiful experience for me every second of every day. I used to see the bad in everything. I used to feel helpless and worthless. But we aren’t. None of us are helpless or worthless. That’s your ego talking. Your ego does that as a way to isolate you and make you feel that you aren’t connected to everyone and everything in this world. It makes you feel separate and alone. But you aren’t! You are beautiful and abundant just like I am and you have everything you need. Be grateful for today – the beginning of a new month and a new mindset for you. Set the intention right now that you will close out 2014 experiencing endless miracles that unfold right before your eyes. That you will begin 2015 feeling the love you have, you deserve and you are. Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I am here. I am loved. I am able. I am present.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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