Your subconscious does not know the difference between facts or thoughts. It merely acts to create what you think and believe that has emotion and feeling behind it. That’s why the possibilities are endless when it comes to manifesting your desires. You can manifest anything you believe in. People think it’s magic – this isn’t magic at all, it’s science. Pam Grout describes many stories throughout her books about psychologists and doctors who did placebo experiments. One in particular was done on elderly men who were in their 70’s and 80’s and were brought to a monastery that was made to resemble the good times of their younger years. They engaged in activities and conversations all about when they were younger and in their prime. They watched black and white television and listened to an old school radio. They were given a full physical and mental exam prior to the experiment and after it was completed. By the end the majority of their physical exams had improved tremendously. The results even shocked the Harvard psychologist who claimed that by the end of the experiment she was playing football with these men – some of which no longer needed their canes.

What’s the point? It’s all in your mind. Are we going to physically age…yes but how that happens and how you feel mentally, emotionally and physically plays a huge role. It all starts in the mind and extends outward. By putting those elderly men in a place where they only engaged in conversation and activities that brought them joy and happiness – that’s all they thought and felt, joy and happiness. If you think you’re in pain you send energy into that thought and that thought expands and triggers a physical response in your body. Doctors have proven time and time again that when examining the brain of a person while listening to happy music or positive words, certain parts of the brain are triggered. The same when listening to sad music or negative words. I used medical examples to demonstrate how your thoughts can affect you physically, but this holds true for what you experience in life as well. Whenever you have a thought about anything (true or not), you are sending energy out within it.

So why don’t you try an experiment for the next 24 hours. Every thought you have, let it be only about what you WANT to have happen in your life. I want you to record not only how you feel during the 24 hours, but the shifts you experience in your life and relationships. Report back with what happened in the comments below or on my Facebook page! I can’t wait to hear about your radical shifts! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

My positive thoughts are changing my world before my eyes!

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