The Universe is always giving us directions, guidance, wisdom, hints and so on everywhere we look. If you follow me on Instagram (@ winkyboollc) then you would have seen the recent post about the magazine I found in the road that seemed to have a new message for me each day. I like to call them #LittleBlastsOfLove from above. When I need some direction into a part of my life, I always receive guidance from unexpected sources. Sometimes a billboard while I’m driving, other times a complete stranger just says something to me and in the context of whatever it is I’m dealing with, it makes complete sense. Sometimes it can come through music or even television. It just depends if you’re eyes are open and you’re paying attention. I don’t just mean being awake, I mean paying attention. Being mindful of what and who is around you. Being mindful of the words spoken to you and the sights you see.

When you open up to it, you literally are receiving a full set of directions to your best life and all you need to do is pay attention. The Universe is as clear and as loud as that annoying voice on your GPS, but if you keep ignoring it, it will keep recalculating to steer you back to the correct destination. If you aren’t listening you might feel as if you hit roadblocks and detours far too often and that’s just the Universe’s way of saying, “Hey dude….start listening or you’re going to keep driving in circles and getting detoured until you do.” Like I always say, there’s a direct message for someone even in this little affirmation right now. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am constantly receiving divine guidance everywhere I turn.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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