How do you plan on growing if you don’t want to change? How do you plan on moving forward if you continue looking back? Pertinent questions aren’t they? We hear so much about “comfort zones” and that we won’t get very far unless we step out of them. But what exactly is a comfort zone?

It’s our place of comfort. It’s that standard of living we’re used to. It’s that environment we feel safe in. It’s that mindset we revert back to because it’s easy. But no one said life would be easy. No one said that chasing your dreams would be an simple feat. It’ll be worth it – that’s what “they” say. The point is if you aren’t willing to step outside the box and try something different then what you’re used to, you’re never going to get very far. It’s going to scare you. It’s going to make you nervous. It’s going to not always be easy. But I promise you this…it’ll be worth it. When you push through your fears, that is when miraculous things unfold in your life. Trust me. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am pushing through my fears and stepping towards my miracle.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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