For so many of us it’s hard to ASK for help. Somewhere we were taught it was “weak” to say we need some advice or words of wisdom. Someone told us that having constant reassurance is a “bad thing.” I’m here today to tell you IT’S NOT!

Ask! Ask away. You have an entire Universe at your fingertips just waiting for your call. I know how difficult it can be to imagine that you can simply just ask for some direction from what appears to be thin air and actually receive an answer. But it’s true. It’s so true in fact that when I started on my journey I was still heavily relying on my own spiritual mentors to give me the direction and insight and then that was all cut off. They were spiritually shutdown from it and I was left with no other choice but to figure sh*t out myself. 

It wasn’t like they went anywhere – in fact, they were right down the road. But the Universe just plopped distractions, inconveniences, situations in the path between me and them. When I felt like I was desperately in NEED of some help or guidance, I couldn’t reach them. Crazy things would happen like the power would unexpectedly go out or their cell phones would not receive messages. For a while that brewed into resentment, but it didn’t take long for my lesson to be revealed. (Refer back to my Mindful Monday post about pointing fingers and playing the blame game and you’ll undersatnd!). Long story short I awakened and realized it was ME who needed this lesson. I needed to learn to trust myself. I needed to learn that I, TOO could simply ask, believe and receive. 

The Universe is just waiting for us to inquire within. I do this on the daily now and as my mentors and I look back and laugh about how NOW it all makes sense – I laugh harder realizing how hard my ego was holding on and trying to keep me back from all this power I (and all of YOU) have at our fingertips. Now when I feel a dire need to contact them for urgent help that I feel I need – if I can’t reach them I realize it’s the Universe’s way of saying, “Hey Amy…you got this! Don’t worry, you have the wisdom within you.” So instead of pointing to or at someone else – why not point that finger in the sky and shout, “Hey Universe, give me a sign….” and challenge it, dare it – it loves this sh*t! You can ask to see a dolphin in the middle of a winter wonderland and you’ll get it. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am receiving constant reassurance and guidance from above.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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