Being joyful is often something that people can’t figure out how to do. There are times we think we are joyful but really we’re just trying to distract ourselves and subconsciously our mind is racing. Reaching a state of joy (if you’ve ever been there) you’ll know feels like pure bliss. Nothing and I mean nothing phases you. 

Why joy is so important is because when you’re in a true state of joy, you are directly connected with Source (God/Universe). Being directly connected with Source means that not only are you vibing at your highest frequency, but you’re also in totally alignment with every single thing you desire. Vibing high allows you to not be touched by negative feelings and thoughts AS LONG AS you stay on your high vibe. That means as long as you stay joyful and don’t allow the ego to bring you down.

So how do you do this? Well, it’s quite simple once you wrap your mind around the fact that JOY solely relies on you and only you, then you will know how to get yourself there. Joy does not depend on other individuals in your life or circumstances. True joy makes you untouchable by the external. Nothing affects you. Nothing brings you down because you realize that everything going on around you has absolutely nothing to do with you! But that’s the trap the ego tricks us with. It wants us to live by our relationships and circumstances. It wants us basing our feelings off of other people or things. I want you to remember that living a simple unaffected humanity is the key to happiness. No matter what goes down, you will be so high on a happy vibe that acceptance and peace will flow right through you (and so will EVERYTHING you desire!). Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am high on a happy vibe. My inner peace is untouchable.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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