You know I find it funny that us humans are often so stubborn that the Universe has to toss us into circumstances that force us to learn a lesson that perhaps we could have learned years ago. It doesn’t feel “fair” at the time, does it? And the more we resist whatever is happening, the longer we drag out the process of A) Learning the actual lesson to help us grow into a better version of ourselves and B) Moving forward in life and actually obtaining what it is we desire.

But if you think about it – some things we weren’t meant to learn on the first try. Did you learn how to ride a bike perfectly the second you got on it? I sure didn’t. It took a few times and practice and me slamming into a tree or two (one of those “Look hands!” situations) before I actually got it down to a science. And even after that, I still fell off on occasion if I was being careless.

My point is that we can sit now and look back and be like, “I can’t believe it took me THAT long just to get that…just to understand it…just to put it in motion.” But that’s counterproductive because let’s face it – everything happens at the RIGHT time. It happens just when it needs to. Those mistakes you made (now or then)….they needed to happen. Those wrong decisions you made…yeah, they needed to happen too. They all needed to happen, exactly when they happened and quite frankly – it’s none of your business why. Just know they had to and it’s helping you down the road. Trust and believe that every single thing is lining up like an awesome set-up of dominos. There are no mistakes. Nothing is out of order. Nothing is crooked or twisted or backwards. It’s all just as it needs to be for your ending to go off with a BANG! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am at peace with what was. I believe everything is lining up just to benefit me.