Now is the time to release anything weighing you down. With the Full Moon (Blood Moon – which is full of negativity) and Mercury in Retrograde, things may be making you more upset than normal. Anything that’s been bothering you, it’s time to let it go. Anything you can’t seem to figure out, straighten out, fix or control…let it go.

I just completed a series of meditations. I meditate daily. I also pray every single day, sometimes all day long. People often get intimidated by these concepts because they think it has to be this big fancy spectacle of blocking out hours of your busy day. Nope – not at all! Meditation can scare people, especially people who don’t ‘know how to do it’. I often get told “I don’t have time to meditate”. Listen, if you have time to breathe, you have time to meditate. You don’t need to do a fancy meditation and it doesn’t even need to be longer than 5 minutes to get benefits. – you know how I like to keep it real, so here we go it’s time to inhale the good sh*t, exhale the bullsh*t.

This is a 4 minute guided meditation to Welcome Abundance and Release Worry. This is a meditation I use daily. It’s short, sweet and it gets the job done. For beginners, it’s easy and straight to the point and if you “don’t have time”, well it’s shorter than your lunch break (and if you don’t get a lunch break, it’s shorter than some people’s bathroom breaks).

Just give it try! (Click to download for free)

Meditation to Welcome Abundance and Release Worry

Take a moment for yourself at some point today and do this. You will feel at peace when you are done. You will have a new state of mind. You will have a happier spirit and a full heart.
xo Namaste, Amy xox