Some of you may have heard (read) me talk about Pam Grout. She’s an amazing author who wrote this book called E-Squared. I wrote about it a few times here and here. It’s a fascinating book with energy experiments that I’d recommend anyone try out. Pam recently recounted a story from someone who read her book, who shared the results of their experiment with her. That particular person who’s story she shared was Colette Baron-Reid, a famous radio personality, author and spiritual intuitive who used to open for Sylvia Browne.

Pam wrote about Colette’s results in a recent blog that truly inspired me. I say “inspire” a lot, but you have to realize that you can find inspiration in the most unexpected places. Sometimes walking outside and staring at a snow-covered tree can inspire me to write an entire blog about life. Maybe that’s just the artist/writer/creative spirit inside me. Anyway, I want to share what Pam shared because I’m hoping it’ll do for you what it did for me. Here’s what Pam recounts of Colette’s results from an one of the energy experiments:

“Colette also shared a fabulous E-Squared story. For her sign, she asked to see a blue dragonfly. She’d recently had a motorcycle accident that caused her to spend, as she says, “the summer in bed.” Her friends encouraged her to stay off motorcycles, but she refused to live in fear.

Every time, she got on her motorcycle for the next week after asking for her sign, a red dragonfly flew right along beside her. Puff, the Magic Red Dragonfly literally accompanied her for the whole ride and then flew away the minute she safely embarked.

“I ordered blue,” she said, “but what I came to realize is that the Dude had something even better.”

Yes, Colette, red dragonflies are native to parts of Europe, Sri Lanka, Mongolia and the Canary Islands. Her blessing and sign was a rare and showy dragonfly that came all the way from the other side of the planet to remind her that she was protected and loved. In other words, magic!!”

The experiment is called “The Dude Abides Principal” – the “dude” refers to God or if you feel uncomfortable saying that…the “Universe”. Sometimes we don’t always get exactly what we ask for – but that’s because God has something better in store for us; be it a red dragonfly rather than a blue one or something else.

A lot of people pray and request things from God and when they don’t get them immediately or in their expected time-frame, they get mad and give up hope. What if you stopped getting mad and left your mind open to whatever “the dude” feels is good for you? Have an open mind in all that you do because even if you don’t get exactly what you “want,” the dude will always give you exactly what you “need”.