One of the only things we as humans have control over is our own thinking. We as a species are way to careless, better yet, reckless with it. The Universe does not intervene in our thought process – what we focus on, expands. One of the most fundamental and basic laws is the law of cause and effect. I’ll stay spiritual on you and not go scientific all while sticking with my A Course In Miracles studies, basically what you reap, you will sow. What you give, you get. What you think, you create. 

What you reap

This basic law cannot be tampered with. No one intervenes in it. You are the only one with control over it. The power of your own thinking is often undermined. We should not think for one second though, that we are ever having an idle thought.

Fear is a mindset. Frustration is a way of thinking – a mis-creation, a wrong perception of a person or situation. So is every emotion, good, bad or indifferent that isn’t love. These are created with the power of our own thinking. The good news is the things you mis-create, you can eliminate. But this is important, so write this down – if you are afraid of your thoughts, they have power over you. All thinking produces form at some level and there isn’t a second that the mind isn’t creating. You see, it never sleeps. This is why you must guard your thoughts.