We hear the word “miracle” tossed around quite often but do we all actually know what a miracle really is? A miracle is the healing of your mind. The undoing of the separation you created (yes, you) in your mind by believing that something other than being whole, happy, healthy, peaceful, loving and prosperous existed.

Being whole means there are no opposites. Love has no opposites. There is only love because God is love. Now I told you I was going to continue what I started this morning in the affirmation post right here. So take a second real quick if you didn’t read it and do just that so we’re all on the same track!

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Now let’s jump back in where we left off, shall we…

“…We believe these lies we tell ourselves and then we end up living them. But when we recognize the TRUTH, which is we don’t need to accomplish something to be loved. That we don’t need to be rich to be loved. That we don’t need a partner to be loved. That all we need to do is acknowledge and ACCEPT that we are already loved – that is when we open ourselves up to BE loved by others. Yes folks…that’s all it takes….”

When you radically shift your mind from fear to love...

Loving yourself and accepting that is the first step. Giving and sharing that love you feel for yourself is the next. For you Godly church-going folks that is what “extending the Kingdom of Heaven” means. I, myself am a church-going girl and relate to God, however I am spiritual and thus understand that despite whatever name you would like to call the Source, it still all means the same thing. God is love and that means we are love. We have been given the gift to share this love and spread it, though too many of us (far too many of us) listen too often to our humanly ego and believe our fears. Those fears would tell you that you are not equal to another person you meet. Those fears would have you believe that another person has more power or is better than you. We end up idoling individuals, even potential romantic partners thanks to these fears. These are only true if you believe them to be true though. The only truth is that we are all equal because we were all made by the same Source and all have this infinite amount of power within ourselves to share with others.

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So today and this weekend and the weeks ahead, choose love. Share love rather than fear. Love extends. When you can see others through loving eyes, you recognize the Source in them which is also in you. Your spirits connect and you realize you are equal. You realize that when someone approaches you angry or upset, they can’t harm you unless you allow it. Their spirit is merely asking for healing.

A Course in Miracles teaches us,

“When a brother acts insanely, he is offering you an opportunity to bless him. His need is yours.” (ACIM)

When you can understand it this way, you will find the lesson in every encounter with every being. I used to argue a lot. Now I recognize my spirit was calling for healing from those I was arguing with. When they argued back, neither of us healed. Since this journey started for me several years ago, I no longer argue and though there are occasions where I start to, I always end up recognizing what’s going on. I then pause and breathe and see them with loving eyes. I recognize their denial or their attempt to attack is just a call for healing within. So I approach with love, offering their spirit healing and because it was brought to me – my spirit needed that specific healing as well. This is how we need to be living. This is how God/Source wants us to live – spreading his Kingdom (Love) here on Earth.

Only love extends. Fear projects and it only continues when you allow your mind to keep projecting. But fear does not extend. You cannot share fear with another, you can only project it onto another. Thus resulting in you fearing them or believing they hold the power to harm you. This is when we get that victim mentality. We feel we’re being picked on or like we’re not good enough because we can’t please someone. We feel like we can’t do anything right. When you radically shift your mind from fear to love, you allow a miracle to take place. You allow what you miscreated with your ego to be undone and healed, moving you back towards your true self, your true being which is and always will be (no matter what!) love.

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