We all have different perceptions, habits, routines, tendencies and thought systems that make us individual and unique. We all acquire coping mechanisms for life. We develop ways to survive. But we weren’t put here to just survive – we are meant to thrive. 

Recognizing it!

We are meant to learn and grow and heal and enhance our experiences with each other and ourselves. But far too many of you are just trying to get through. You’ve decided (probably a long time ago) that the fun parts of life are few and far between and you probably have to plan for them anyhow. You decided that you needed to work extra hard to get anywhere good and see anything amazing. 

You made this decision because probably by the time someone tried to tell you otherwise, you were already well along your way of just mucking through.

We weren't put here to just survive, we are meant to thrive.

Have you ever paid attention (and I mean REALLY paid attention) to the people that enter your life?

Have you ever noticed the things that make you feel good and asked why? What about the things that don’t make you feel good – ever questioned them? I’m being serious…

Have you ever just stopped and noticed that you are in a constant state of growing whether you admit it or not? Because…you are! Everything and everyone that enters into your life is helping you heal. Helping you heal from misperceptions of yourself and fears you’ve clung to over the years. Helping you heal from the fear of not being good enough or having enough. The worries about lack or failure. The limiting beliefs about who you really are – why you never feel like you can please anyone or keep them around.

Life (God, if you will) is constantly teaching you every second of every day….it’s just a matter of recognizing it. Are you paying attention to what life is throwing your way? Are you using the same thoughts and actions to get through – even though they’ve never gotten you anywhere in the past?

Recognize the lessons.
Recognize the patterns.
Recognize the lies you tell yourself.
Break them! Break them by paying attention. Break them by doing the opposite

Everyone and everything that enters your life is helping you heal.

Society (rather our ego) would like us to blame others.
It’s her/his fault I feel this way.
Is their fault I can’t land that job.
It’s the President/my boss/lover/neighbor/cousin/accountant’s fault for this, that and the other thing.

No…sorry…it’s YOUR FAULT. Whatever it is..it’s your fault.

Rough, I know.
But here’s the thing…aside from drunk people, leggings and children – I will always be one other definitive source of THE TRUTH.

And the truth is that the way you perceive something someone said or did – is your choice.
The way you feel about what someone said or did – is also your choice.
The way you react or respond or don’t – is your choice.

Are you following me?

So maybe up until now your choices haven’t gotten you some stuff you desire.
That’s okay…it happens to everyone.
Recognize this – recognize the patterns that got you here and switch them up.

The awareness is the hardest part…the rest is just a choice. And the good thing about choices – there’s always another one if you don’t like the first.


As always you can call upon me if you need some guidance in helping you choose so that you get exactly what it is you want (and then some)!