Sometimes a lesson was trying to be taught to us for years, but it takes us being told by someone else or reading it in a different context to really grasp and fully learn it. I’m not sure why that happens the way it does, but our brains all operate differently. I’m a very visual person – be it pictures, words or actions, I learn better when I see things. Some people understand better by just listening. We’re all different, but like I said we’re all connected in this Universe. 

Today I want you to reflect on something that you notice repeating in your life. Do you continue to hear the same words being spoken to you by different individuals? Are you noticing people reacting to things you do/say the same way? Maybe there is no current pattern, but there once was. Recently this happened to me, which I’ll elaborate on later today – but this is God/The Universe’s way of trying to ‘breakthrough’ to you. There is a lesson in this. Reflection is an important part of spiritual growth, and the only way we can advance into new endeavors, situations and relationships in life is if we focus on our personal growth. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

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