Sticking with the theme of mindfulness today, your affirmation will be crucial in keeping you present and grateful. When you are able to be present, fully in the moment that is right now – then you can truly be grateful for everything happening in that moment. The minute we allow ourselves to leave the present moment, we lose our joy and our gratitude. Today focus on being mindful of anything and everything happening for you. Small things, large things, people, interactions, encounters, experiences – all of it adds up. All of it provides you with insight into your life and yourself. All of it gives you wisdom. All of it provides you happiness.

I’m super guilty of not doing this lately as I mentioned in today’s other post. Yes I too sometimes need to take my own advice. I too am only human and therefore make mistakes. But the first step is being mindful of what you’re doing – which I am. The next step in the process is knowing what you need to do to produce a different outcome. Regain your joy by distracting yourself with gratitude. It’s not exactly a distraction though because what it does is flip the mindset – trick the energy – REPLACE it with what is. Accepting AND allowing what is right now releases your need to fear and control. When you can release those strongholds, you can be filled back up with joy for what you’ve been given. Today’s Daily Affirmation:

Mindfulness brings me joy

Winky Boo Affirmations

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