Finding peace during a hectic, lopsided day is not always the easiest feat. Our instincts are to tighten up and close off when we’re stressed, but as spiritual beings we should let go and relax in moments like this. Even though I know better now, my instincts sometimes take me back to what I was used to doing. You shut down, breakdown, clam up and freak out! Does that really ever get you anywhere though? No, absolutely not!

It’s important to stay mindful that when something may not be going as smoothly as you’d like, when something goes in the opposite direction of what you had planned – just go with it. Just breathe and go with the flow. It’s difficult though because we are human, we have an ego and fortunately yet unfortunately at times we use our mouth to speak what our ego is feeling. You know how you look at the flame on a stove and you know it’s hot and so you say to yourself, “DO NOT TOUCH.” We need to train our minds to work the same way in life – in difficult situations. We need to train our minds to say, “BREATHE, it’s all going to be okay!” We need to tell ourselves, “Roll with it, it’s not the end of the world.” When you try to teach a child to not touch a hot flame on a stove, there are some children (not all) that don’t believe you. Some kids want to touch anyway. Some kids DO touch anyway and they get burned. You’d think that would stop them, but there are some people that don’t learn the first time and do it again – and sometimes….again and again and again. 

Do you find yourselves making the same mistakes again and again and again? Do you find yourselves going back to the same bad habits over and over and though you KNOW better, you aren’t doing better? STOP and breathe. It’s all going to be okay. Let go of the mistakes, let go of the past. Forgive yourselves for not learning as quickly as you’d like. Forgive yourself because you will get it, don’t worry about it – just be mindful of it. Slow down, be in the moment, stay present and think before reacting, responding and perceiving. Don’t you dare shut down or freak out. There’s always another chance, relax and go with it! Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I am relaxing and breathing to access my peace

Winky Boo Affirmations

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