Every now and then it’s good to release what is no longer serving you. This could be anything from objects and belongings to friends and/or relationships – it doesn’t matter what, but if it’s no longer getting you excited and not serving your highest purpose, clear it out. Some find this whole theory pretty harsh. “What, you just want me to get rid of my friends?” As a matter of fact, yes and here’s why: Unless there is something about that person that you want to learn and have in your life, clear them out. Life is ever-evolving and the cycle never stops. People come and people go. Just like we buy clothes and outgrow clothes. Styles change and styles repeat themselves.

Now, I am not telling you to read this and call up all your friends and say you can’t be their friend any longer. No, absolutely not. But sometimes we cling to things out of fear or guilt. These are self-induced and brought upon by our ego. We should only “cling to” things and people that bring us joy and inspire us. We should only surround ourselves with individuals that lift us up and support us. As far as the other stuff – objects, belongings, clutter – it’s the same rule of thumb. I went on a rampage this week just ridding my office and room and environment of clothes and shoes and “stuff” that I did not need or use. If it’s not something I’m consciously aware of, something that I need or use often, then it is no longer serving me. It would be better served elsewhere.

And here’s the most exciting part of all this – not only does clearing the sh*t out switch up the energy flow in your life and environment, but it also brings about blessings. You see, what you give, you always receive. If you feel you need more of something in your life, give more of that to others. You’ll think this idea is silly but when my ego begins to creep up and tell me I’m low on cash, I start handing out dollar bills with messages on them. Oh yes doll! I write little messages from the Universe on $1 bills and I leave them around for people in my home or even in public places. That money always comes back tenfold. I once handed out $3 bills and manifested $300 – that’s right, everything I teach and preach I’ve done, give it a try. Test it out and report back!! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am surrounding myself only with what inspires and excites me!

Winky Boo Affirmations

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