Releasing the old and welcoming the new has been a huge theme this past week. Doesn’t matter what that is revolving around in your life – whatever it is, it’s what you’re thinking about right now as you read this. I’ve had to do my own fair share of releasing and quite frankly – it doesn’t appear that I’m quite done yet. The themes have been jumping across the board BUT as emotional as they can be, as frustrated as you can get – ride them out, observe your thoughts, be gentle and loving throughout this process.

Mercury is currently Retrograde. We all seem to get really fearful when this happens. For the longest time I did and sometimes I still do – only because I know it can stir sh*t up a bit. It’s never to harm you though but we often forget that when we get really emotional, don’t we! The theme of Mercury Retrograde is always revisiting, reviewing, revising and basically anything with a “re” in front of it. This one has a lot of us reviewing and revisiting our pasts and any fearful corners of our soul that seem to still need more healing. Even when we’re aware – it’s not always easy though.

But heading back into what I originally said – releasing the old, surrendering to a greater plan and allowing the new with open arms is how we maneuver all this while still remaining at peace. Words I personally could have reminded myself of the last few days (lol). We will all survive, don’t you dare worry your little heart about it! Just remember that what is happening, everything taking place is enhanced. Everything taking place may seem a bit over the top at times especially during Mercury Retrograde BUT if you step back, pause and surrender, your ego has no shot of taking control of the situation. If you observe your thoughts or how you might want to respond or react with love, you will see exactly what it is you need to take away from this. You will see what you need to learn, grow from or heal within yourself. This is important – otherwise these lessons continue to repeat themselves. So while you sit here taking notes on how to “survive” Mercury Retrograde, I just want you to come away with this: Everything is happening FOR YOUR BENEFIT darlings. Don’t feed into the drama, don’t respond from a place of fear – tap into your faith and your trust in this bigger plan. The Universe has your back. Sit back and breathe. You will be okay, I promise. (PS: It comes out of Retrograde February 11th, don’t freak! Mercury Retrograde is actually good IF you choose to perceive it that way!) Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am at peace knowing I have no reason to worry. Everything is happening for my benefit. Everything is happening for a reason!

Winky Boo Affirmations

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