You can be smart, intelligent, a genius, a master at something but you still must be humble. Being humble doesn’t counteract your intelligence, but it simply means that you acknowledge there’s always something more to learn. It means that you recognize that there are people from all walks of life that can teach you something. 

There have been days where I’ve learned more from the mail lady then I did from a college professor. I’ve acquired more insight from people who haven’t even graduated high school and sometimes the most innocent creatures such as animals or children can teach you the most about life. It doesn’t matter someone’s title or status, because that doesn’t distinguish their wisdom – however society might try at times to convince us otherwise, I’m here to tell you it’s simply not true. So today humble yourself and speak to someone you wouldn’t normally speak to and enjoy the lessons they have to offer you. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

No matter where I go in life I will remain humble.