Listen to your body. Often we get caught up in what we think we should be doing that we forget to just listen to what we actually want. Today my body wanted a few well-balanced meals, some chocolate and a lot of rest. It reminded me that it’s best to stop focusing on what other’s want and start listening to what YOU want.

This goes for everything in life but today I’m talking about your body. I’m a very big advocate of eating healthy and maintaining a balance between work, rest and exercise. Keeping your body fueled with what IT feels is necessary is key. Some people crave kale and green smoothies daily and yes they are very good for you. Others prefer meat and potatoes. But I’m a huge believer in this little known fact spoken by Abraham-Hicks that states it isn’t about WHAT you’re eating – it’s about HOW you FEEL about WHAT you’re eating. 

So remember dolls, you don’t need to imitate the workouts or recipes if you don’t feel they’re good for you. Do what your body craves. If it needs more rest one day and less exercise – take a break. If it wants a little extra protein another day – go for it! Each of our body’s know what is best for US – nobody has better knowledge of that than yourself. So show yourself some extra love by fueling up on what you desire and what brings you joy. The trick is to remember that it’s all about how you feel…all the time. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am listening to my body and doing what makes it feel good.