When we are woken up every morning we have a choice. This choice is all ours and relies on nothing else than our own perception. We choose whether we want to see the good that day or the bad that day. This happens very quickly, probably before you even place your feet on the ground and stand up. This choice affects your entire day. This choice affects how you interact with others and the situations that arise. Again, I remind you, this choice is strictly yours.

No, the loud construction workers that obnoxiously woke you up from your deep sleep didn’t make the choice for you. No, your mother calling at an ungodly hour to remind you about an appointment later didn’t make the choice for you. And NO, that flat tire on your car, or the traffic you got stuck in or your boss yelling at you for being late did not DECIDE for you how your day would go.


Amy L. Fiedler, CHLC and Reiki Practitioner. (Photo Credit: Winky Boo L.L.C.)

We always have a choice, just like we always have a choice of what television channel to watch. When we select one, there’s hundreds of others that don’t stop playing, we’ve just focused in on the channel we chose to watch. Pam Grout, one of my favorite authors explains this perfectly,

“That’s why it’s really important to stay on the channel you want. Don’t give any airtime to the reality from which you’re trying to escape. Tune in only to your intent.” – Pam Grout, E-Squared

When you were young and a scary movie came on the TV, the first thing you did (well, most of us did) was change the channel if you didn’t want to see it. The minute we changed that channel it was like that scary movie didn’t exist anymore. This is how our brains work with day-to-day life. We make choices, we focus on them, we manifest things into reality by what we focus on. If we don’t want something or don’t like something all you need to do is change your thinking – place it on a different channel.

It may be difficult at times, but in reality it’s a simple concept. We can have everything we’ve ever dreamed of. We can live a life of fullness and joy no matter our external circumstances simply, SIMPLY by perceiving it the correct way. The “correct” part is for you to decide. It’s up to you how you want to live your life. I choose to perceive mine full of love, health, happiness and abundance. I choose to wake up and even when something goes wrong, I find the lesson in it – I find what will help me grow. When you look for the good, you find it. What you seek, you will find. “What you seek, is seeking you”, Rumi says. So what are you seeking today? 

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