As humans we have a tendency to beat the drum of our problems all day long. We talk and talk and talk about what’s bothering, pissing us off or not going our way. It seems sometimes we think the more we talk about a problem, we’ll find a solution. But that’s actually the opposite of what happens.

Stop talking about it!

Energetically the more you invest your time and energy into a problem, the more you magnify and enhance that problem. You give the problem power!

Remember…what we think about, we create. What we focus on, expands!

Energetically the more you invest your time and energy into a problem,...

So unintentionally here we are sitting, thinking, dwelling, talking and essentially all we’re doing is keeping ourselves in the same energy the problem is in. You can shift out of that energy at anytime you choose. You can make the problem go away if you want – but that requires you to STOP talking about the problem.

Stop thinking about it.
Stop dwelling on it.
Stop focusing on it.
Stop trying to figure it out.

Some things are better left alone. Some things just need to be – without fueling them with more of our confusing energy. Because that’s all we’re doing. We don’t want the problem, but we’re sending out vibes that are matching the problem’s energetic frequency.

So how do you shift out of that problem mentality? You slow down your thoughts and you focus on what it is you want.

I’ve been talking about this for the past week. When you think about something it induces an emotion on the inside. That feeling, that emotion you feel – it sends out a vibe into the Universe. What you send out sits there – kind of in a holding pattern. The more you think about that particular thing and invest your energy and emotion in it – the more you enhance that one vibe. As it grows and grows it begins to manifest and before you know it, you experience it in what we consider our “reality.”

And then as humans we often like to say…”I knew that would happen!”
You know you’ve said it before!

Of course you knew it’d happen…because you created it yourself!

So here’s the deal. Sh*t happens and we can’t ALWAYS control our wandering minds, BUT we can be mindful of the thoughts as they come. So let’s say a negative thought arises. You are aware it’s a negative thought. You are aware you don’t want to invest any time into that particular thought. So what you do is you shift your focus and you deliberately reach for thoughts that you want to think.

I don't care if the negative shit is unfolding right before your eyes...

I don’t care if the negative sh*t is unfolding right before your eyes – DO NOT INVEST your energy or thoughts into it. The less you focus on it, the less power you give it.

If negative stuff keeps popping up in your reality – it’s merely the Universe’s way of telling you what frequency you’re on. It’s showing you that you still have some residual vibrations and in time it’ll stop popping up. Yes that negative thing will vanish. It’ll just go away…in time. Of course that requires you to NOT focus on it!

So maybe for weeks you’ve been dwelling in negative-land and now you’re starting to see it unfold in your reality. You can change it! It’s not the end of the end of the world. All you need to do is slow the momentum of your thoughts down and shift them into where you want them to go. You’re changing the frequency or as I like to tell my clients – you’re changing the channel in your mind.


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