We spend so much time sitting, thinking, dwelling, worrying, panicking about insignificant stuff that we don’t even realize if we focused on the bigger picture – all this other stuff would actually resolve itself. 

Stop worrying about the little stuff

I know…that was a lot to take in, wasn’t it? So sit with it for a minute.

That misunderstood text message.
That missed job opportunity.
That rude comment from a complete stranger.
That awkward smile from the Starbucks barista.
That vague Facebook status update.
That confusing interaction with a friend.
That annoying traffic jam when you’re in a hurry.
That day your emotions felt like a rollercoaster.
That memorable vacation.
That neighbor who waved and said hello.
That yoga instructor who spoke straight to your heart.
That unexpected gift from your lover.
That kind word that totally made your day.
That encouragement from an Instagram post.

Yes….all of it will make sense later, and ALL of it is necessary to complete the larger picture.

So if you’re having one of those days where your head feels like it’s spinning and you can’t figure out how you actually feel. If you’re having a moment where you can’t control the word vomit leaving your mouth but you’re completely apologetic after the fact.

Don’t even sweat it.

It will all be okay, I promise. It will all make sense on a later date. It is all happening to help you, advance you, heal you, grow you, strengthen you, guide you – it is ALL happening (yes, every single bit of it) for your benefit!

It is all happening for your benefit.

So breathe…and when you want to dwell on that unanswered email or confusing interaction with someone you love – keep in mind it is all just flavorful ingredients being added to your delicious cake of life.

By the time the Universe mixes it all up, pops it in the oven and it starts to bake – you’ll open the door to take a peek and as it rises and forms you’ll laugh and smile and think, “That’s gonna taste so good!”

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Lots of Love,