We are all going through something – battling something internally daily. It could be disease or sickness, it could be depression and anxiety, it could be financial problems or worries about your children or your job. None of us live perfect lives, though we are all striving to live the best life we can live. I want you to really listen to what I’m about to say – focus on it and keep it in your memory: this slight affliction is just for a moment.

This suffering, this struggle that you’re going through, is only for a brief moment in time. My pastor said in church today that sometimes people wonder, “How do people stay faithful to a cause, when the cause doesn’t seem faithful to them?” How do you stay faithful to your God or your beliefs when you’re going through something? You remember, it’s only for a moment and that the same God who brought you through it last time, will bring you through it again. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I acknowledge that there’s a lesson in every battle. If there was no struggle, there would be no progress.