It’s so easy to overlook our significance isn’t it? We can get so wrapped up in our own heads and our own problems and lives that we miss out on that spark we deliver this world. We’re literally missing it! It’s flashing right before our eyes and we’ve got blinders on.

Each of us has a purpose here. Each of us is needed here. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t have woken up this morning and taken a breath. The truth is – that alone should get you excited, but it doesn’t…does it? When you just have sh*t going on, you miss out on all the wonderful stuff this life has to offer. But that sh*t we get caught up with – we created it. We created it and we can resolve it just as easily but we’d rather soak in it like a freakn’ bath. 

Why are we choosing to torture ourselves with insignificant bullsh*t that our ego minds have created? Why are we allowing ourselves to miss out on all the bliss around us? It’s a really good question isn’t it. Comfort and fear are two of the top contributing factors. We get comfy in our old ways of thinking. We get fearful of changing them. We get comfortable with the way we were that we fear the way we could be…EVEN when the way we could be is the best version of ourselves. That’s the version you’re meant to be. That’s the version whose light isn’t dimmed and who’s sunglasses are on! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I choose to step into my light and shine the best version of myself all over the world.

Winky Boo Affirmations

~ ~ Winky Boo. Discover You. ~ ~