Fear can make us do some crazy sh*t. When we’re fearful of anything our body reacts. It’s a response that happens almost instantaneously. Fear can produce anger, anxiety, sadness and yes, even for some people excitement – like a rush of adrenaline. But guess what….our poor body’s are taking the toll for a self-created perception.

Fear is false evidence appearing real. It’s NOT REAL! It’s in our heads. But isn’t that what us humans are good at? Getting in our own heads and losing our freakn’ minds! It’s like our favorite past-time. Fear is self-induced. We think it up, we seek it out and then we basically freak out about what we created. When you think about it, it’s really all quite dumb. 

We had a Full Moon a few days ago and you can speak with astrologers that’ll tell you to not fear a Full Moon and truthfully, they’re right. But the energy it produces can stir up some heavy emotion. We can attribute it to a lot of people throughout the years fearing Full Moons and that enhanced focus and energy projects outward or it’s just in our heads. Whatever it is, it really doesn’t matter – some stuff is better left not to be figured out. I just want to deliver the message to relax. This message has been coming up for me for the last few weeks. Relax, chill out and breathe. It’s never that serious. It’s never the end of the world. We tend to fear something and intensify our emotions internally and then panic. STOP! Stop doing that and just breathe your way through it. The energy from this past Full Moon will clear tomorrow. So until then just know that whatever it is you are fearing – it’s not even real. Take it easy, let your body rest and focus your mind on what it is that you DO want – you can just as easily shift your emotions and the momentum of your manifestations by doing just that. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I recognize that fear is false evidence appearing real. I invest my energy...

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