Do you know that uncomfortable feeling you get when something isn’t going the way you want it to go? That uneasiness that sets in and makes you want to control how things will play out? That’s discord in your vibration. I know that probably sounds Greek to you – but what that means is your spirit on the inside of you recognizes that you created this vibration/situation and this is not what you actually desire.

Meaning – you created it out of fear. This situation was created from your fearful thinking, dwelling, pondering, worrying, etc. That is why you are experiencing it in your “reality”. Now the good news is – it’s old news. What is happening NOW is OLD NEWS! You created it weeks ago and you focused so much on it that you are now witnessing it in what we like to call “real life”. So…the question remains, how do you handle it? What do you do? You don’t like it or want it to be happening – so what do you do?

Get comfortable with it. You heard me! I don’t mix words when I give guidance and I am telling you to get comfortable with the uneasiness. Why? Because when you can find contentment in the discord, all the while striving for what you still desire to take place – you will see that what you don’t want will dissipate and what you do want will begin to unfold. Remember the saying, “What you resist, persists.” So stop thinking you can convince someone else to understand or do something differently. Stop thinking if this would just happen then everything would be alright. Just stop! Because that is the ego’s way of trying to make you control and manipulate the situation. It’s never going to work and the situation you dislike is going to stick around longer. Find pleasure in the discomfort and you will see in no time that what you don’t desire will leave sooner! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am getting comfortable with the discomfort. Once I do I am able to align with my desires.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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