The way you value yourself is the way the world will value you in return. This means the way you feel about yourself, speak to yourself and treat yourself will be reflected back to you in every person and situation you encounter. Often times we don’t realize this because what’s being reflected back to us is something we’ve hidden so deep within, we have yet to acknowledge it.

But most humans undervalue themselves. A lot of you have been conditioned to put yourself last when it comes to love and needs. When in reality, you should be putting yourself before anyone else. I always tell my clients that you can’t drive a car on empty! How do you expect to keep giving to others when you aren’t even giving to yourself? Better yet, how do you expect to receive all the blessings you want for your life if you don’t even feel like you deserve them?

It’s a good question isn’t it. I often get asked by clients what’s blocking them from receiving that dream job or promotion or from meeting the love of their life. The answer is YOU. How you feel on the inside is what you experience on the outside – in the “real” world. You can’t manipulate or control the external factors – the only thing you can do is shift what is going on inside of you. You can’t make that job appear or force that person to show up in your life. Change how you view yourself. Start being as kind to you as you are to everyone else. Stop beating yourself up for not being perfect. Start realizing what you bring to this world. Your gifts are unique and valuable. No one else has what you have. Trust me, I know how hard that is to believe – but it’s the truth. You are as individual as a fingerprint. No one compares and no one can compete. Believe it and don’t you ever forget it. Once it clicks within you, you’ll see it all unfold around you. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am one of a kind.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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