Some days you feel like you’re not getting anywhere, right? Some days you feel like that guidance just isn’t showing up when you need it. These are the days where it’s not so much what you need to do or what you should be thinking about – it’s about being patient and trusting this whole process called life.

Patience and trust can be difficult – especially when you’re trusting the Universe. You’re trusting something you can’t necessarily “see” or “touch”. You’re having faith in the unknown. That’s when your ego works overtime feeding you stories like, “Well you believed this would happen once before, but it never panned out.” If you believe the lies, the ego can be super discouraging. But that’s it’s job and it truthfully does it’s job really well.

But if you can understand that the days where you feel like nothing is moving at all in your life – those are actually the best days. That means you’ve reached the tipping point. That means things are about to get really good. Because although it feels like suddenly everything’s on pause, it actually means you’re 5 minutes away from your miracle. You’re about to be shot forward towards all that it is you desire. So on days like that breathe and just let it all be. The Universe has your back and everything will always unfold perfectly in divine time just for you. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I trust the timing of my life and believe it is all unfolding just as it should.