Connect with yourself…everyday. It’s important to sit with yourself daily and listen. In listening you will learn to trust and in trusting you will activate a whole new spectrum of love. When you connect with yourself and that inner guidance that we all have – you establish a sense of security and comfort in your life.

Recently I amped up my daily practice of tuning in and listening and I’ve never felt such peace in my life. It’s deep and internal and the more you listen, the stronger your guidance becomes. So all I want to leave you with today is that when you feel like speeding up in life…slow down. Sit in silence, close your eyes and just listen to what comes to your mind. The more you listen, the louder that internal guide will become. The more you rely on your inner wisdom, the stronger your faith becomes and the easier life ‘seems’ because you have an innate knowingness that all is just as it should be…at all times. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I honor my inner wisdom. I feel stronger, wiser, safe and at peace when I tune in.