A dimly lit candle in a dark room still glows. During one of those strange October snowstorm/power outages in the last few years that hit New Jersey, I paid close attention to a night light I have in my bathroom. For some strange and unforeseen reason when the power in the entire house, street and town would go out – this night light stayed lit. It was plugged in and not battery operated, but it remained lit. With the entire house dark, I had the ability to still see a portion of my bathroom thanks to this mystical dimly flickering night light.

(PHOTO CREDIT: Winky Boo L.L.C.)

(PHOTO CREDIT: Winky Boo L.L.C.)

We all have a light inside of ourselves. There’s some individuals who have such a bright light within, you can feel it when you are around them. There are others who may appear dark and gloomy, but if you look into their eyes, you will see that light. That light might be dim, but it still exists. It’s there in them and in everyone. This light connects us. It gives you the power to look at a complete stranger and feel comfortable and at peace. To look at someone you’ve never met before and feel as if you know them.

I used to get told when I walked into a room, I lit up the entire room. I had no freakn’ idea what that even meant. I thought people were just being nice. I didn’t feel like anything special. But I continued to get told this as I grew up and got older. I felt lost on the inside and I questioned their intentions when they would make these complementary remarks – but I continued getting the same message wherever I went.

It wasn’t until I hopped on this spiritual journey that I realized what that “light” was all about. But then I would ponder yet again why I used to get told this, even in my dark and gloomy days. It actually wasn’t until recently while doing my morning meditation that I received a message from my spirit. I got my journal and began writing and it’s long so I’ll just give you the relevant part:

“…You are a force, a powerful beautiful force that lights up a room even in your darkest days. You have always had the light. It’s within you. You just needed to catch up. The world plays catch up at times. It’s life. You need to go through shit to grow and to learn. None of what you’ve done has been a mistake. You are on a journey and it’s just getting started. The best is yet to come…”

(Amy L. Fiedler, CHLC, 2014)

(PHOTO CREDIT: Winky Boo L.L.C.)

(PHOTO CREDIT: Winky Boo L.L.C.)

When you think you have nothing left, you do. When you think you are worthless, you aren’t. When you think you have no skills, talents or abilities, you’re wrong. Your light, it never goes out. It may appear dim because you’ve covered it up with false beliefs and perceptions of your life and your world and yourself – but it never goes out. Let your light shine. Let it shine so freakn’ bright that people can feel your presence when you’re not even there. That sunglasses are needed when you walk into a room.

My spirit didn’t want to be held back. My spirit was poking it’s light out even when I felt I was living in misery and despair. Your spirit knows the truth. Your spirit knows what you’re capable of. My spirit knew my purpose. My spirit knew the path I needed to go down to get to where I am today. My spirit knew my potential because it knows the truth – just as yours does. My spirit knew my light would be a powerful force to be reckoned with the minute I acknowledged it’s existence.

(PHOTO CREDIT: Winky Boo L.L.C.)

(PHOTO CREDIT: Winky Boo L.L.C.)

Your spirit knows your truth. It knows what you’re capable of – the power you hold within you. It knows that the minute you want to acknowledge it’s existence, just like I did, you magnify your light and enhance your power. You are capable of so much more than you probably think you are.

Shine bright my loves, that is what you are meant to do!

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Amy L. Fiedler is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor and Reiki Master of Natural Healing. She is the founder and head guru of Winky Boo ® Lifestyle + Life Coaching. Specializing in inner peace, self-love and conquering fear, Amy guides clients through one-on-one transformational sessions helping you realign your path with your purpose and access your highest potential. Amy uses a holistic approach that integrates self-love, mindfulness and a healthy lifestyle with teaching “practical spirituality” resulting in a radical shift towards love, forgiveness, renewing your self-worth, accessing your inner peace and breaking through to happiness in order to live your most blissful life!