It’s interesting how energy works. You need to deal with it cautiously and be aware that where there’s good, there’s bad. Not to get all new age on you for a second but if the positive vibes are flowing, the negative ones are sitting in the corner waiting for a moment to attack. I’m sure I’ve said this before and I’ll be saying it plenty more times because it’s important – check your energy. Be careful what you let in and what you let out. Be alert that at any second negative energy can strike. You could be experiencing a beautiful moment and just as it passes, boom, negativity finds it’s hole, digs in and ‘tries’ to ruin the moment that you just had. But if you are able to recognize it when it strikes, it’ll lose it’s power over you (perhaps not over the other person) but as long as 1 person doesn’t feed into it – (remember the saying…it takes two to tango) – well if you walk away from it, it’s stuck in a dead-end and it’ll eventually dissipate. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am always aware of the energy I give and the energy I take.