Life is one big mental challenge. When your mind is on point everything seems to follow suit and fall into place. When you can wake up, set your intentions and keep a positive attitude throughout your day no matter what happens – then you’re on your way to success (even if you don’t feel it). Your mind is a powerful weapon and tool (I’ve said this before). You can use it to your advantage or it can be used against you. The goal is to never have your own mind turn on you. When it tries, you need to recognize it and put a stop to it immediately before it gets the best of you. Even us Life Coaches have mental battles at times – matter of fact, everyone does once in a while. Sometimes you may feel like allowing it to win because it’s too much effort to fight it. Don’t give in to those negative thoughts or habits. Today I want you to set an intention that every time something negative seeps into your brain, you will stop and think of something you are grateful for. Replace the negative with a positive each time and watch the miracles unfold. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

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Winky Boo Affirmations

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