Good days and bad days are going to happen regardless of our financial status, degrees and titles we hold or even how in love we are. Bad days will happen no matter how positive you are. No matter how good your relationship with God is. “Nobody ever said it would be easy,” right? We were never promised an easy life, but we were promised peace and joy amidst the storm. Sometimes our bad days are merely a result of our own doing. We get caught up in our own head-space even though we know better. It’s days like that, that make it difficult for us to accept we don’t have control over everything. That there’s a larger plan in action for us – a better one that has our highest good at it’s forefront. The best way to conquer days like that, remind ourselves that the hard stuff reveals the good stuff. 

The blocks are for protection. The endings are to advance us into something better. The frustrations are there to teach us about ourselves. It’s all for your highest good. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

hard stuff

Winky Boo Affirmations

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