Whenever a situation arises that is creating you pain and angst, it’s because you’re not perceiving it properly. Your perception isn’t large enough to see the bigger picture. It’s so narrow that you’re not seeing the GOOD that can come from the situation. How many times have you encountered someone who had dealt with a serious physical illness but remained positive about it? That’s because their perception is on point.

Now I’m not saying that having a serious illness is a good thing, but those who have to deal with situations like that usually have a better outlook then those who don’t and there’s a reason for it. Remember how I always say there’s a lesson in every single encounter in our lives? Perception = recognizing the lesson! If you can’t find the lesson in it, change your perception. Not only will your soul fill with happiness and peace, situations (no matter what) will always seem to just flow more smoothly from then on out. Trust me on this! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

Change my perception

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