I posted something on Instagram this morning per my usual routine and it got me thinking on the subject. Some people think what I write about and post always has to do with my own life. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I write based on what speaks to me in that moment. Sure, there are times that what’s happening personally to me is the subject of the day. But I also write based on a common theme my clients may be dealing with. I write based on what I receive during meditation. This morning a quote about ‘judgement’ spoke to me. I’ve had some clients lately feeling down on themselves or rather feeling as if they can’t do anything right.

This used to be a feeling I knew all too well. When you don’t know your own worth you base your worthiness on other people’s words, actions and reactions to you. You depend on ‘others’ (whomever they are: mother, father, aunt, cousin, neighbor, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, etc.) to build you up and when you don’t feel as if THEY are satisfied, you tear yourself down. Take it from me – one with personal experience of this very behavior – STOP DOING THAT!!!

Your worth is NOT dependent upon if someone else likes you. Your worth does NOT rely on how much money you make. Your worth is NONE of these external factors at all! Your worth is knowing WHO YOU ARE on the INSIDE. Knowing your spirit and your heart. Knowing your own character. Knowing it and owning it. Loving it and being proud of it. When you don’t know your own worth you feel judged, all the freakn’ time. You feel judged by the way you dress, eat, talk, walk, act, work, breathe. This is no way to live. Judgement will exist in this world no matter what – but the reason I was drawn to that quote this morning was for the exact reason I wrote in the caption:

“Before you go pointing fingers remember there’s 3 pointing right back at you. When you stop judging other people, you free yourself from being judged. And that my friends sets your soul free!”

If you are constantly feeling judged I want you to look within. Search your soul and find the reason why YOU, beautiful, talented, intelligent YOU feels that way. It doesn’t matter what others think of you, it’s none of your business. But if you FEEL judged, that’s on you. Don’t attack back – as most like to do; “Well you’re no better….” is usually the sentence that follows someone who feels attacked or judged. When you stop judging others, you stop judging yourself. You then free yourself from your own judgement and from clinging to the judgement of others. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am free from judgement.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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