Sometimes we are put in positions where we don’t always want to do what is asked of us, but we know that if we don’t at least try, no growth will take place. And isn’t growing what being alive is all about? If we stayed stagnant from birth until death, what would be our purpose here? We wouldn’t learn, experience, feel. We are meant to grow like flowers grow. We are meant to take root, give life, expand, share and yes, sometimes we’re even meant to just be what we are.

Point is that if we want to just remain a seed in the dirt and refuse to grow, we will never see or experience the beauty that is this life. In order to take advantage of all that is offered to us, we have to be willing to step outside our comfort zones. We have to be willing to push ourselves to limits that we might have easily just placed on ourselves. Meaning, we are capable of SO MUCH and yet we hinder ourselves with fear. We hold ourselves back with insecurities, doubts, worries and fear of failure. But how do you know you’ll fail if you never actually challenge yourself to try? It’s rhetorical, don’t shout your answer at the screen just pay attention for one more second – stop placing limitations on yourself and on your life. We make the decision on how much or how little we accomplish. WE decide our path. It depends solely on our thoughts – on our mindset towards ourselves. You make the decision, so which mantra will you be repeating today: I will fail OR I will succeed? (I mean, that’s kind of rhetorical too as we all know it’s the latter!) Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am a success.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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