The root of every “problem” starts with a lack of love. Begins with the idea that we are separate from everyone and everything. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. We are all connected. The idea of holism (wholism) is that we have an interconnection that does not exist on it’s own. For those who I might have lost – the idea of “karma” – what goes around, comes around. What you give, you receive is basically the mantra for this idea. When we feel as if we are separate, we view people and situations as “bad” or “good”. We get fearful and/or we feel guilt. We lash out in pain, frustration and/or anger rather than realizing that the situations happening are those in which we’ve created ourselves. 

I often have people that approach me asking me to explain this better so they can grasp it. It took me a while to comprehend this as well. Many years in fact it has taken to really stronghold this idea that there is no such thing as being a victim or feeling guilty or getting punished. You rarely encounter someone who has understood this concept at a young age because we’re brought up made to feel as if we’re separate. The actual concept is quite simple though: the LOVE you have for yourself is the LOVE you experience, feel and see around you – happening to you and for you. Lack of love for yourself creates a gap in your whole-being and thus creates the idea of separation. This seeps into our relationships and experiences. So when us life coaches and spiritual mentors say “look within” it’s because the minute you shift your perception of YOURSELF, is the minute you see change on the outside (in those relationships and experiences). Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I move through my day knowing everything I experience is...

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